Miniature Schnauzers

Puppies are now available!

  Puppies For Sale
Our puppies are sold as pets are close up so puppies Look much larger than they really are. 
( We do not sell to Breeders  only Pet Homes ).
(The Pictures Below Are Taken Close Up) and that
makes them look Larger then they really  are.
Scroll on down and see all the puppies.
Some Puppies below are ready now
and some soon ,Taking deposits

Molly       and      WiFi
puppies Below Ready 

Mega Coated Black Male # 1
one Blue Eye    MM # 1 $ 1000.

Whitney        And             Conway's
Puppies below

Black n Silver  Mega Coated Female 
WHT-F $ 1000.

Dixie           And            Simon's
Puppies Below 

Black N Silver Female
Mega Coated   DY F # 3 $ 900. 

Pagie              and             Joel
Puppies Below

Black Mega Coated Female
One full Blue Eye and parcel $1000. 


Black N Silver Mega Coated Male 
PJM # 1 $ 900.

Mega Coated Black Male
PJM # 2 $ 1000. ( ON Hold )

Salt n  Pepper Mega Coated Male 
PJM # 3  $ 900.

Deva         And           Simon 
Puppies Below ( Ready for Christmas)

Liver Pepper  Male 
DSM # 900. ( If Blue Eyes they will Be More )

  Lillie              and     Simon
Puppies below

Liver Tan Male

Black n Silver Female
Lil F $ 900.

Prissy        And         Simon
Puppies Below

Liver Mega coated Male
$ 900.

Black Mega Coated Male
$ 900.


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