Miniature Schnauzers

Puppies are now available!

Our Girls

Dixie  Mega Coated   Blue Merle    16 lbs.

Smerff Ette Black N Silver 12 lbs.

Peggie Sue Mega Coated Liver Tan 
11 lbs.

"Ski Mega Coated Blue Merle  12 LBS.


Wilma  Mega Coated Black Female 10 lbs.

Elizabeth  14 lbs. Mega Coated
 Super coated 12 lbs. 

" Prissy Liver Parti Merle " ( 11 Lbs. )

BELLA  With her Summer Hair Cut
13 lbs. 



"Gyspy  Mega Coated Black Blue Eyed Female 14 lbs.    


"Gena Liver Merle Mega Coated 12 Lbs "


Moka Liver Merle 11 lbs.

Alley    Mega Coated Blue Merle

"Sadie  " Salt n Pepper 12 Lbs.

"Deva Salt Pepper 12 Lbs. "

" Jodie Blue Eye Super Coated Black Parti
10 Lbs.

" Callie " Liver Tan ( chocolate ) 10 lbs. Mega Coated

"Madison" Liver Tan ( Chocolate ) 10 Lbs. Mega Coate

"Ginger Liver Parti  12 lbs.

Lilly of the Valley   12lbs

Pagie Mega Coated Liver Pepper
12 Lbs. 

We have retired these wonderful Moms 



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